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Thursday, January 13, 2011

did we have sex?

i have the tendency to find myself in awkward moments, from seeing a old girlfriend giving lap dances for cheap to smoking reefers in a van because your lighter ran out of fluid, these are a few of my run ins and to tell you the truth its exciting and i wouldn't trade those moments for the world, but what really grabs my curiosity is how we deal with the situation when your mind goes blank and everything around you goes to slow it feels uncomfortable to breath.

this is one of those story's.

Its friday night and im getting ready to leave work and also excited for a 3 day weekend i am amped to work behind me i do the routine head home,shower txt a few buddies only to find that the only person txtn back is a girl who confessed her undying love for me at her party which was awkward since her boyfriend at the time went to hide in a corner somewhere until she got sober enough to remember him. so what do you do? well my thinking at the time was its FRIDAY and i refuse to stay home so yea sure we should hang out. in my haste fearing a long talk about random things until it gets late enough for "gee look at the time"i decided the best way to combat this situation would be through a half a bottle of tequila.
by the time she shows up at the door i almost finished the bottle and im fired up to for what ever she has to throw at me or thats what i thought. she tells me that were just going to stop by her brothers house to pick some things up, we pull up in the driveway just to see keg after keg lined up and a few of his friends hanging out after 15 minutes of walking though the door cup after cup of Budweiser hit the back of my throat and after some time after that i find myself in a basement sweet talking my way for a epic ending to the night and at that point where the sin took place i wake up the next day butt naked trying to find my jeans without waking her.
so maybe secrets do make friends? we carry on like nothing happened since the idea of confrontation would be the long awaited pause which no one likes but sometimes i think, once in a while poke it with a stick.   

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