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Sunday, January 30, 2011

bear swims 246 miles

so upon my random web surfing i cam across an article in the los angeles times about how a bear swam 246 miles from the alaska to the border of canada. while reading this article they pointed to the situations which are arising where these long swims are becoming too familiar, scientist are saying the reasons for this activity is because of melting ice caps and lack of food in where they have documented proof of cannibalism. after the swim this bear lost over one hundred pounds and also its cub. this article shows how desperate these animals are. 


  1. I think the bear just wanted to show Michael Phelps who's boss.

  2. A very strange story, were they tracking the bear? I just can't see how there would be proof otherwise. Especially the bit about losing the cub, maybe the cub stayed or died before the swim? Still sad but I'd like to see the full article.

    ~Raging Royal