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Saturday, January 15, 2011

australia underwater

recently Brisbane, Australia is currently under water which is said to be the worst flooding in Australia in over 100 years. after reading reports about the crisis its unimaginable of the terrors that swept thought the city of 2 million people with water as high as the stop lights and the feeling of urgency to reach higher ground. an estimated 200,000 homes have been destroyed by the disaster and the fear of a continuation of the flooding is still a high possibility,the cost of rebuilding the 3rd largest city in Australia is estimated to be around 5 billion which also would be the most expensive disaster they have seen to date. After talking to family that live in Brisbane, Australia they say that the disaster is unbelievable and if they had not evacuated when they did things could of been worse. the expected rain fall that is predicted delays the progression of rebuilding and thoughts of moving county is a very big possibility for them and many others at this time.


  1. somebody should have tried to surf that wave like that guy in that keanu reeves/gary busy movie

  2. wow, what a horrible disaster...reminds me of hurricane katrina in the U.S.

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  4. yea Katrina was really bad theres floods all around the world lately, the most current one i know of is happening in Brazil.