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Monday, January 17, 2011

concerns about haiti

after 25 years of exile in France, the former known president Jean-Claude Duvalier aka "baby doc" has come back to Haiti for reasons still not known to the general public, but should raise concerns about his timing of the return since the former president has left the country in exile himself. what is known about the dictator is he came to power at the age of eighteen after the death of his father Francois Duvali "papa doc." The former president abused his power to fund his own regime, he was forced to flee after the visit of pope john paul II asking to to spread the wealth with the people of Haiti which forced a rising in the country until jean Duvalier left Haiti to France from a U.S Air force base where he stayed until present. So what will happen now with his return? or what country's will help if they should to make sure that a dictator stays out of power from a country that has freedoms that would be crushed if able to return.


  1. Thanks for the info. All american media seems to have stopped caring for haiti right after the who earthquake thing was over. Hopefully the country can rebuild successfully and keep people like Duvalier out.

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