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Thursday, February 17, 2011

when was it a crime to have fun?

what happen to living out your life? Im in my 20s and everyone around me is either married in a serious relationship or single but would jump to the idea of being categorized in the first two mentioned. what ever happen to being single, happy and not being forced to go on blind dates? im not saying that dating is bad or marriage or anything above is its just that i have this concept of being able to go out with friends in socials/dates and not feel obligated to ask her hand in holy matrimony. if you dont feel the need to feel committed at that point in time my suggestion is listen to yourself and dont do it.
try live like this and you will get what im saying


  1. it's probably just in your group because everyone in mine is living a very healthy single life

  2. No Sympathy for the devil!!! you buy the ticket and take the ride!!!!

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    Pieces of Karp: Expect more headlines like this! Class X solar flare!

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  4. aw yeaa

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  5. I totally understand. Great post!

  6. I think it would have been worse back in the day when people were dead by 30. We'd all be 2/3 through our lives by now

  7. Always a crime to have fun! lol nk jk

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  8. Dropping by to show some support. Good post :)